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No one is immune to the wrath of domestic violence, however,  research has shown that black women suffer more than caucasian, Hispanic, Asians, etc. According to the Institute of Women’s Policy Research’s Status of Black Women in the United States:

  • Black women are 60%  more to suffer from mental disorders, PTSD, etc

  • More than 40% of Black women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime, in comparison, 31.5% of all women experience the same. 

  • 53.8% of Black women had experienced psychological abuse, while 41.2% of Black women had experienced physical abuse. 

  • More disturbingly, Black women are 2.5 times more likely to be murdered by men than white women. 

  • Black women and girls have historically been dehumanized, considered unrapeable, and left without legal recourse. 

  • They are afraid to seek help because they are seen as apart of the problem. 

  • Their trust is limited in traditional therapies because they feel judged and chastised.


Experiencing trauma is never easy but dealing with the remnants after the fact can be worse. In order for anyone to heal their whole being must be impacted from a holistic perspective. The aim of this program is to be able to target the whole being in an inclusive, no judgment, nurturing environment. That will foster growth, creative thinking, stability, self-love most importantly healing.




From a spiritual perspective:


  • Promotes insight into oneself

  • Reduce and resolve  inner conflicts and distress

  • Encourages inner peace with self and those around them

  • Encourage forgiveness of self and then others

From a physical perspective:

  • Provides an understanding of how color, image, style, and beauty affects behavior

  • Understanding the impact of physical health

  • Understanding the impact fashion has on culture

  • How fashion influences lifestyle 

  • Enhance social skills 

  • Advance societal and ecological change

A Supportive Hug

From a mental perspective:

  • It improves the cognitive and sensory-motor functions

  • Understanding the importance of mental health

  • Cultivate emotional resilience

  • Foster self-esteem and self-awareness


This is designed for you to explore and express yourself while developing new coping skills.

Different colors evoke different feelings in individuals.

Color therapy:

  • Meaning of various colors

  • What do colors represent

  • The importance of colors

  • How to use colors appropriate to express self

Art provides the opportunity to uplift spirits and attitudes.

The purpose of art:

  • Why is art important in life

  • What makes a work of art

  • The importance of art in our culture and life

Fashion Beauty


This will look at how color, image, style and beauty affect human behavior, while addressing cultural norms and cultural sensitivities.

Fashion Psychology we look at:

  • Behaviors  

  • Emotional state

  • Risk factors



  • What is self-love

  • The importance of self-love and its effectiveness

  • How to improve self-love

  • How to gain self-love

  • What does self-love do



  • Importance of journaling

  • How to journal for therapy

  • Healthy benefits of journaling

  • How to heal through journaling



Let's have some fun. After going through phases 1 & 2, it is now time to make your work of art come to reality.

Dressing according to body size:

  • How to choose the right garment to compliment your body type.

Styling concept:

  • Understanding the intricacies of styling

  • Being able to identify your fashion style (. Chic, vintage, sophisticated, etc)

  • Use the visualization of your story on a mood board or sketchbook then explore all elements in styling.

  • Creation of mood boards

How to design:

  • Learning to use design software

  • Putting your ideas together

  • Choosing colors that represent you.

  • Choosing the artwork you love

  • Deciding how to proceed with your art.

  • Print your work

Fashion Designer Studio
Women in the Street

Consciousness Raising Group

Consciousness-raising groups are used to help women discuss their feelings, needs, and desires. These include feelings perceived as private, taboo or shameful. The CR group sessions would be done once every week during the eight weeks session. A different topic can be selected each week, where each woman would join in on the discussion as it concerns her personal life. There is no limitation to the type of topics they can discuss.


  • The discussions would be done in a circular setting because it is more neutral, and no one is perceived as the leader.

  • Each woman will have the opportunity to speak on the topic that is currently on the floor.

  • The aim is to make sure that the women can be themselves, transparent, and honest with what they are going through.​

  • To be able to learn from each other while getting the support needed.

  • The guidelines for the group are to make sure that there is a complete respect for all in all things.




  • Your healing is our first priority

  • This program was specifically researched and designed for you.

  • I understand the struggles and fears that lines your soul because I lived it.

  • I am passionate about the cause, of helping and supporting women.

  • This program is faith-driven

  • It is designed to target the whole being; the physical, spiritual, and emotional. 

  • Studied social and fashion psychology

  • You learn  new skills

  • Less expensive

Women Colleagues